Addiction Services

Smoking Cessation Programs

Drug and Alcohol
Department of Drug and Alcohol Links

Community AA and NA program
Community Vocational Rehabilitation Programs
Mental Health America
Medicare Mental Benefits
American Psychiatric Society

12-Step/Self Help Organizations

    • AA-Alcoholics Anonymous
    • ACA-Adult Children of Alcoholics
    • Al-Anon/Alateen for Friends and Families of Alcoholics
    • CA-Cocaine Anonymous
    • CLA-Clutterers Anonymous
    • CMA-Crystal Meth Anonymous
    • Co-Anaon for Friends and Family of Addicts
    • CoDa-Co-Dependents Anonymous
    • COSA-Co-Dependent of Sex Addicts
    • COSLAA-CoSex and Love Addicts Anonymous
    • DA-Debtors Anonymous
    • EA-Emotions Anonymous
    • FA-Families Anonymous
    • FA-Food Addicts in Recovery Anonymous
    • FAA-Food Addicts Anonymous
    • GA-Gamblers Anonymous
    • Gam-Anon/Gan-A-Teen for Friends and Family of Problem Gamblers
    • HA-Heroin Anonymous
    • MA-Marijuana Anonymous
    • NA-Narcotics Anonymous
    • NAIL-Neurotics Anonymous
    • Nar-Anon for Friends and Family Members of Addicts
    • NicA-Nicotine Anonymous
    • OA-Overeaters Anonymous
    • OLGA-Online Gamers Anonymous
    • PA-Pills Anonymous
    • SA-Smokers Anonymous
    • SAA-Sex Addicts Anonymous
    • SCA-Sexual Compulsives Anonymous
    • SIA-Survivors of Incest Anonymous
    • SLAA-Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous
    • UA-Undereaters Anonymous
    • WA-Workaholics Anonymous
    • Drug and Alcohol Centers

How to Refer an Individual to the Department of Drug and Alcohol Links

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Links to Other Substance Abuse-Related Web Sites

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Links to Professional Organizations

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