Chronic Special Needs Plans for Individuals with Dementia

Brand New Day has a specialized program beginning in January 2014 for individuals diagnosed with dementia. The program has important elements which help support members management of their dementia and support the members care givers. The Brand New Day dementia program provides the following programs:

  • Specialized doctor network to care for individuals diagnosed with Dementia
  • Each member is assigned a health coach who will help the member and their caregivers coordinate proper care by developing a care coordination plan.
  • Referral to member and family support programs. If the member has both Medicare and Medi-Cal, they will be referred to Medi-Cal covered programs. If the member has Medicare only, they will be referred to private pay support programs.
  • Housing placement support
  • Memory support programs
  • All members have access to Brand New Day specialized care management programs, such as:
    • Palliative care program
    • Smoking cessation programs
    • Special program for individuals with pulmonary (lung) issues
    • Special program for individuals with CHF
    • Home nursing program
    • 24 hour nurse advice line
    • Assistance with coordinating Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits (for those members with both Medicare and Medi-Cal benefits)

Two benefit plans to choose from; one with reduced pharmacy costs for you (Bridges Drug Savings), and one with additional benefits and higher pharmacy costs (Bridges Extra Care). If you have both Medicare and Medi-Cal coverage the Dementia extra benefit plan is often chosen by members with Medicare and Medi-Cal as the Medi-Cal program pays for many of the non-covered benefits costs.

To enroll or learn more about this program call Brand New Day at 866-255-4795. TTY users may call 866-321-5955. The Call Center is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and weekends from October 1st through February 14th, annually.

C-SNP MAPD Enhanced Pharmacy Dementia – 028 Bridges Drug Savings

C-SNP MAPD Extra Benefits Dementia – 029 Bridges Extra Care

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