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How do I learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine?

Information Last Updated: 1/25/2021

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As your Health Plan, we pledge the following to you:

We will…

  • Believe in the science
  • Educate our members about vaccine options, safety, and efficacy
  • Explain to members when and how they should expect to be vaccinated

Thanks to CMS, the 2-dose COVID-19 vaccine will be made available! Remember, transportation to and from your doctor’s office is at no cos-t to you. To schedule free transportation, contact Brand New Day Member Services Department 1-855-804-3340, TTY 711.

Safe Choice Unsafe Choice

Chance of not getting COVID-19

  • 94% efficacy from Pfizer vaccine
  • 95% efficacy from Moderna vaccine

Chance of death from getting COVID-19

  • 80% of deaths from the disease have been people age 65 and older 1
1 COVID-19: Who’s at higher risk of serious symptoms. Mayo Clinic. 0821.20.
Healthy Choice Unhealthy Choice
  • Improved physical health with preventive and routine care
  • Delayed preventive and routine care
  • Worsening chronic conditions
  • Continued sedentary isolation leading to increased risk of falls
The Right Choice The Wrong Choice
  • More time spent with family and friends
  • Help our communities; getting our neighborhoods, businesses, and life "back to normal"
  • Infect family and friends
  • Worsening mental health
  • Deeper dive into economic despair

Frequently Asked Questions:

View CDC Guidelines on Vaccines

Test your vaccine knowledge

You don’t need the vaccine if you’ve been sick with COVID-19

False - Even if you’ve been sick with COVID-19 you still need the vaccine, so you don’t get sick again.

You still need to wear a mask after you get the vaccine

True - It is not clear if you can still transmit the virus after being vaccinated, so wearing a mask protects those around you who have not been vaccinated yet.

You need to get the 1st and 2nd dose of the vaccine

True - The vaccine is 95% effective when you complete the 2-dose series.

You have to pay out of pocket for the vaccine

False - The vaccine is at no cost to you.


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