How Does The Brand New Day Program Work If I Have Medi-Cal?


There are different types of Medicare health plans. Brand New Day Dual Coverage (HMO SNP) is a specialized Medicare Advantage Plan (a Medicare “Special Needs Plan”), which means its benefits are designed for people with special health care needs. Brand New Day Dual Coverage (HMO SNP) is designed specifically for people who have Medicare and who are also entitled to assistance from Medi-Cal.

If you are enrolled in Brand New Day Dual Coverage (HMO SNP), plan 024, you are covered by both Medicare and Medi-Cal.  This means you have chosen to get your Medicare and Medi-Cal health care and your prescription drug coverage through our plan, Brand New Day Dual Coverage (HMO SNP).

Because you get assistance from Medi-Cal, you will pay less for some of your Medicare health care services. Medi-Cal may also provide other benefits to you by covering health care services and prescription drugs that are not usually covered under Medicare. You will also receive “Extra Help” from Medicare to pay for the costs of your Medicare prescription drugs. Brand New Day will help manage all of these benefits for you, so that you get the health care services and payment assistance that you are entitled to.

*A special note about how payment for services works:  Medi-Cal never pays first for Medicare-covered services. They only pay after Medicare (Brand New Day), employer group health plans, and/or Medigap have paid.