Quality Improvement Program

Brand New Day is committed to the ongoing improvement of the quality of care, the quality of service, the quality of our staff, and the quality of our provider network. Brand New Day has an approved Quality Improvement Program and Plan to ensure it is able to furnish quality products, care, and service to its members and providers.This Quality Program includes systems to monitor various measures for quality.

Some of the areas that Brand New Day routinely measures to monitor improvement are the following:

Using Appropriate Levels of Care

It is the goal of Brand New Day to help members avoid hospitalization when a lower and less restrictive level of care may be better for the member.

Follow Up After A Hospital Discharge

Proper follow-up at home after a hospitalization is important in avoiding a return to the hospital when it is unwanted and unnecessary. Brand New Day employs Field Intervention Nurses (FINs) to visit you in your home after members come home from the hospital or other times when needed. We call these nurses our “FINs.” They are selected for their caring ways, their skills, and their experience in helping members feel better as quickly as possible.

Medication Safety

Adherence to required medications is necessary to become well and to stay healthy. Brand New Day has special pharmacies (if you choose to use them) who will deliver your medications and package your pills in a way that will make it easier to know when to take each pill throughout the days, weeks, and month, without any confusion. Brand New Day monitors your medications for safety:

  • To prevent possible duplication
  • To prevent harmful drug to drug interactions
  • To prevent you from taking any drugs not appropriate for your age, gender, or other health conditions.

Medication Management Therapy Program

This program offers members with high drug costs a comprehensive medication review (CMR) by a pharmacist, physician, nurse, or other qualified provider to ensure that the members are getting the best medications for their health conditions at an affordable cost.

Disability Care Coordination

Brand New Day has a special unit of gentle experts to help those with disabilities. They are as near as your telephone to help coordinate your care with the various doctors treating you, making your life in the health care world a lot easier.

Customer Service

Another very important area of Quality is being confident that we will answer the phone quickly. We won’t ask you to push lots of buttons to reach a person. After you select your preferred language you will reach a new or familiar “Best Friend” who will listen to your needs and help you find the right person to solve your problems. They will have many answers at their fingertips to help answer your questions. We believe Quality in telephone customer service is important to you and to your doctors.

Member Satisfaction

Your satisfaction is very important to Brand New Day. We send surveys by mail or by phone to better understand what you like about our care and service, and to find out where we need to improve.

Provider Satisfaction

Brand New Day also wants to help your doctors as much as possible, making it easier for them to give you the care you deserve and need. We conduct surveys with our doctors to see how they think we are doing. This information helps us know to increase the programs that are helpful and improve those that are less helpful.

Complex Care

There might be times when you find you need an expert nurse to call you and help you through a medically tough time. Brand New Day has a staff of Registered Nurses. When you need one, he or she will be assigned to help you by telephone. They will talk to physicians for and with you to ensure everyone knows what you want and what you need. We call these nurses “Complex Case Managers” because they care for you when you have multiple serious or complex conditions.

Transition of Care

Whenever you need to go to a higher or lower level of care (transition from one setting to another), Brand New Day nurses will be there. They will help you by phone while you are in the hospital, nursing facility, and when you are back at home as needed.

Individual Care Plan

From your first month at Brand New Day and through each year, Brand New Day works with you and your providers to develop a Care Plan that makes sense to you and includes your long and short term goals. Having a single Care Plan that all the providers can share, helps them understand their part in helping you achieve your health goals.

The elements above are part of the Brand New Day “Quality Improvement Program.” We believe this program will increase the quality of your life.